OniGiri upcoming $300,000 NFT Sale

Catheon the team behind OniGiri is planning an NFT sale on July 15th. The team plans to sell 3000 NFTs at a price of 0.1 Eth each. Representing approximately $300,000 USD. The success of the deal will be a good indication of the market appetite for earlier stage projects.

The roadmap calls for a full game launch in about a year. Which of course is assuming that they are able to meet all of their deadlines and goals. The token is not trading.

One interesting aspect of their plan is that they plan to establish partnerships with guilds. The idea behind a guild is that they buy the expensive NFT’s that others cannot afford and then setup a labor shop of people playing the game in a third world country. Vice magazine did an expose awhile ago on how Yield Guild Games works. They had this picture of the people working under their managers in the Phillipines to earn money playing Axie Infinity.

We love the idea of Guilds of players. It would be ideal if someone can make a game that people actually love to play and a guild is voluntarily formed.

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