Pastel Wants to Detect Scams ($PSL, $MATIC)

Pastel and Polygon will be teaming up to bring some new features to Metaverse projects built on Polygon. One of the features pastel brings to the table is called “Sense”. Sense is a Neural Net enabled Computer vision technology. This will be used to detect things like near duplicates and other scams that are running rampant on NFT market places.

Pastel will also be providing “Permanent” storage for NFTs. We put the word “Permanent” in quotes. Pastel’s “Cascade” is an impressive distributed system. There is redundancy. But for something to truly be permanent, all redundant copies must truly be available for all of infinity. And any time you bring up infinity, you are kind of setting yourself up for a paradox. But enough about the nature of permanence and infinity.

Pastel’s token ($PSL) is off 90% from the peak of last year and currently has a 7 million dollar market cap. Polygon’s token ($MATIC) has been going up sharply for the last month as it climbed from a low of under 40 cents to almost 90 cents, but it is still off 65% from the peak last year.

Image from Pastel’s Website.

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