Levant says their fees are “spam prevention”

Levant has a signup form available to get an airdrop of a “Falcon Talisman” which they say will give you access to a game. The sign up form address is at the end of this article. It wasn’t really clear if there is an actual game you can play today. Although it is an airdrop, which implies free, when we read the documentation they mentioned that to play the game you still need to pay.

So spam is definitely a real problem, and companies need to take steps to address it. There was no mention in the documentation of exactly how much the fee was. Also we are not even sure that an actual game exists at this point that we can play. They mentioned about planning to launch.

Levant mentions on their website that their dragons are “The largest and most successful NFT project with the NFT ecosystem”. It will be interesting how they measured largest and most successful, because all of the other measurements of the largest and most successful NFT projects point to bored apes and crypto punks and we have not seen an independent source say Levant Dragons are the largest and most successful.

For those interested in seeing the Signup Form here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdo0ZYWdXPgmbgiUrB9R517jxm_1GRmUC86v9OcD9qtGgmQcw/viewform

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