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Gamers Daily News is focused exclusively on games that are integrating NFTs and CryptoCurrency. We started in 2006 with the idea of becoming the premier independent video game news network, GDN is constantly striving to expand and improve its offerings. Developed by gamers and catering to gamers around the world GDN provides real, up-to-date news about not only the big names in gaming but about the independents and small studios. GDN publishes daily news as well as daily feature articles including reviews, previews, interviews and more on all gaming platforms and genres. Amazing growth in 2008, which included the acquisition of Generation: Gamerz and Gamer News Daily, has led to rapid expansion and future plans include multi-lingual news and more… We currently maintain offices in the US, UK and Central Europe.

-Christopher Richardson, Editor-in-Chief, Owner

Game-release dates are given in regards to the United States and United Kingdom market conditions, and in most cases this will also concur with other local release dates.

We hope our site will meet up to your expectations, and would very much appreciate your feedback regarding improvements that will make GDN even more informative towards you.

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