Moderators jump to stop misinformation on GME

Reddit moderators jumped in to stop the spread of false information surrounding GameStop’s upcoming stock split.

Screenshot of locking the thread on Reddit

In early 2021 the Reddit discussion boards played a huge part in the Gamestop Short Squeeze which sent the share price flying. Moderators saw the upcoming split as a concern of an opportunity for pumpers to start spreading misinformation and locked the thread.

Gamestop today made both an 8-k filing with the Securities Exchange Commission. And a press release announcing the boards resolution for a 4-1 stock split.

The split will be effective July 22nd for holders of record as of the 18th. Holders of GameStop will receive 4 shares for each share that they currently own, and the price will also be divided by 4 so theoretically this should not effect the market cap.

Gamestop’s 1 year price chart as of July 06th 2022

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