Huobi Ventures is Still Investing in Gamefi

The stock market is crashing. Inflation is soaring. Bitcoin is crashing. Ethereum is crashing. And lesser known more risky assets are getting totally pummeled. In this environment, you would think investors would hesitate. But that is not the case with Huobi Ventures. They continue to invest in Gamefi.

Their latest move is acting as the lead investor for Land Of Conquest. They will be investing along with several other crypto VC firms including K300 and Mirana Ventures.

What is different now from the climate last fall, is the stage at which Land Of Conquest is. The change in market climate has made investors take a step back and only back companies further along.

Land of Conquest said their MMO game is 90% complete and expect to launch a closed beta in August. Their discord shows over 32,000 members. So yes investment is still happening but it might take a little more than an idea and a business plan to close a deal in this market.

Land Of Conquest Discord Page

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