GotchiVerse P2E guild hits 600 members

GotchiVerse, a guild of play to earn gamers announced in an interview today that they have reached 600 members. The breakdown was 450 scholars and 150 asset holders.

GotchiVerse guild is for the Aavegotchi token GHST. There are NFTs that you can buy and holding them gets you a yield in the tokens. The entry barrier is not small. NFTs listed ont their website range in price from about $500 USD at the lowest price and the list goes all the way up to 12 million.

An NFT being offered on the Aavetgotchi blockchain

What if someone wants to play but can’t afford an NFT?

So here is where the guild comes in. A scholar is someone who can’t afford a token, but wants to play the game and earn. Guilds typically consists of owners who buy the NFTs and then lend them out to “Scholars” who then play the game. In the same way that ShareCroppers would work on land they didn’t own. Typically the split is 70/30 The scholars can earn some money.

Considering the market selloff this year Aavegotchi ghost token has held up OK. It is down about 50% from the peak. Which is still a whopping loss, but it has fared considerably better than other GameFi tokens.

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