BattleWorld will be on Unilend

NFT staking keeps growing. Games keep coming up with new creative ways and lending out your NFTs is actually a thing in 2022. BattleWorld might be the next to jump on the trend. Today they announced that they plan to have their BWO token available for staking on Unilend. This may pave the way for NFT staking as well.

BattleWorld plans to add their NFTs to the Unilend Platform

Battle World is a game on the Polygon Blockchain. The history of their token doesn’t go back very far, we only see data since june and over the last few days there was a serious drop in value. After the crash a few days ago, it has a fully diluted market cap of over 200 million.

Major Selloff in the token at the end of June.

Unilend intends to have the BWO token after the UniLend v2 OMNIS mainnet launch.

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