Ashfall Concept Art is Out

In a time when most play to earn games aren’t much better than the type of games that are offered for free on sites like NewGrounds and require buying expensive NFTs to start playing, Ashfall is coming from an experienced team that in the past has been able to deliver games that resonated well with users. The team can boast having industry veterans Michael Mumbauer (former Founder & CEO of That’s No Moon), and John Garvin (former Bend Studio Creative Director of Days Gone and Syphon Filter),

So far we have only seen a few pieces of concept art. Which look great. Concept art often represents the first step in a long development cycle which usually takes years especially if aiming for AAA quality. So don’t expect a product released any time soon.

The team is working with Hedera a blockchain that is doing a lot in the gaming space. Hedera says that they have a carbon neutral footprint which is one (of many) of the objections members of the gaming community have raised about integrating NFTs into games.

We look forward to seeing a demo of this game when it is ready.

ILLUSTRATION 1: NFTs of the Apocalypse, NOTE: This is not Ashfall concept art!

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