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Sky Defender Review (iOS)

Posted by , Yesterday

Sky Defenders is light on story, but heavy on looks and controls. Sky Defenders on iOSHold off the force of evil robots until reinforcements arrive, which is signified by the in-game timer reaching zero and thus ending the level. Every level is the same as the last, if you want a change in pace you can change between a male and female character both have a different super move. In order to attack the robots you need to grab the power up items to trigger the attack successfully or be zapped by them wasting precious time off the timer.

At the end of each level in Sky Defenders you will be given a score and rewarded credits. The credits can be used to purchase powers ups that affect your character for the entire next level like faster speed, stronger defense, or more time on the timer. These power ups are different than the attack power ups. Spend your credits wisely or you’ll run out quickly. Running out of credits and don’t want to play to earn more, hit up the in game app store and buy more for a few dollars.


Sky Defenders Game controls

Sky defenders gameplayIn Sky Defenders, the majority of the game is controlled by using tilt controls of the device’s gyroscope system, leaving the tapping to the game’s menu screens. During game play, the tilt controls are very response and movement of your character is fluidic. The speed and turning of the character in correlation to the tilting are accurate and controllable. You won’t have problems of over shooting your robot targets or grabbing power ups in frustration. A player won’t have to tilt to much more than their wrists to reach the desired speed for the character or direction changes.

 Our Rating for Sky Defender Review (iOS)
I found myself putting in a few minutes in during commercial times and car rides, but Sky Defenders lacks replay value that last longer than a few minutes at a time due to the lack game content.
One of the two best things I loved about Sky Defenders. The look and feel of the characters and backgrounds, the illusion of depth in Sky Defender is top notch.
Heroic sounding, but is the same for very level. An update with a variety of background music could help lessen the repetition of the game to some degree.
The second best thing about Sky Defenders is the tilt controls. Other game developers using tilt controls defiantly want to take notes on this and copy it they work and feel so natural.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Multiplayer and online play comes in the form of challenging your friend to beat your top score. You can connect to Facebook to brag to your friends about your score.
Solid controls and graphics are great, but needs additional Music and backgrounds a long with maybe a story to help take Sky Defenders to new heights.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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