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Gaikai to Offer Console Quality Games on Facebook with New App

Are consoles going the way of dinosaurs? If we can play the same level of game online will it totally replace the need to purchase expensive, rapidly-aging, non-upgradeable hardware? It could be, but we don’t know just yet.

Either way, Gaikai wants you to game with console quality, without the console.

Gaikai on Facebook

“People don’t want to leave Facebook to play games – Zynga’s phenomenal success is proof of that,” said David Perry, CEO of Gaikai, “Cloud Gaming means that the game doesn’t need to be downloaded and run on your computer, it literally means the game runs out on the internet, in the cloud, with the experience being streamed to the players. Most video game publishers are now seeking to grow their digital customer base and unlike movie and music services like Netflix and Spotify, Gaikai gives the game publishers relationships with the customers.”

Taking his own advice, David Perry and Gaikai made their big April (as in today).

By streaming their games through Gaikai video game publishers can now easily reach hundreds of millions of potential new players in North America and Europe.  The beta will allow gamers to try out a selection of games for free.

The first games to try in the Beta v1.0 Launch are:

  • Saints Row - The Third  (USA) 
  • Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record  (USA) 
  • Magicka (USA & Europe) 
  • Sniper - Ghost Warrior  (USA & Europe) 
  • The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings  (USA & Europe) 
  • Orcs Must Die! (USA & Europe) 
  • Farming Simulator 2011 (USA & Europe)

Gaikai is nothing new, it’s an online game streaming service much like some others, notably OnLive. The fact that they pounced on Facebook... probably brilliance.

Gaikai’s streaming technology allows players to sample games before they buy them and gives publishers a new way to build anticipation, increase sales reach and significantly reduce player acquisition costs.

What you need to play:

The Gaikai Facebook app is currently available in North America & Europe.  To play you will need to be in a Gaikai coverage area with a broadband internet connection and Java installed. Gaikai works on any PC or Mac using Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Gaikai works in all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Experience Gaikai’s Facebook app

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