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Square Enix and BigPoint Sign Agreement on Unknown Project

Square Enix and BigPoint have announced that they�re working on a project together. What that project is remains to be seen. However, given that BigPoint is a maker of in-browser MMO square enixgames, it�s a safe bet that is the basis of the game. The only question remaining is, which Square Enix license is being used for the game?

According to the companies:

The new game, which is already well into development at Square Enix, will be published and marketed by Bigpoint in Europe and North America. The title will be distributed on the portal, as well as by other media partners. Focusing heavily on social gameplay and encouraging user generated content, the game will be unveiled in the near future.

So then let�s look at a list of IPs that Square Enix has. We can probably through out Final Fantasy since they�ve got MMOs etc. However, a Tactics title would make for a good browser-based MMO.

The other big title Square Enix has is the Deus Ex series but it doesn�t seem like a browser-based MMO would do the game series justice so we might discount that as well. Kingdom Hearts would surely require the approval of Disney as well so that�s probably out.

Square Enix already has several Facebook games, so perhaps they�re expanding one of those. Again, unlikely since BigPoint is involved and wasn�t in the creation of those titles.

Perhaps a Tactics Ogre online game? Maybe a social version of Puzzle Bobble? How about a social Dungeon Siege? How about an online Front Mission game?

What about a Tomb Raider game? Supreme Commander? Or even just...Space Invaders.

It might not even be an existing IP, they might be working on something altogether new. Bigpoint is really just going to be the publisher, Square Enix is making the game. All we know at this time is that it will be web-based.

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