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  Street Fighter X Tekken
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Street Fighter X Tekken Swap Costumes and Free Color Packs Today, Update Next Week

Street Fighter X Tekken gets some new DLC today. Swap Costumes for a buck a piece, or you can pick up the full Street Fighter and/or Tekken sets for $13.00 each. Street FIghter x tekken dlc today

Also out today are three free color packs each containing four new additions to the palette for added customization options. Finally, today you can pick up three new quick combos, making for a total of five pre-programmed attack patterns. But you gotta have meter!

Street Fighter X Tekken April 10th Update

  • Online sound update, which will improve the quality of sound when playing online matches.
  • Tournament support update, which will expedite the gem selection process with the help of a new number wheel system.

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