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The Zombie Apocalypse of Dragon’s Dogma
Dragon`s Dogma Digital Comic: Chapter 1
Dungeons & Dragons Online Beyond the Web
DiRT Showdown - Boost for the Win Gameplay
Lost Planet 3 Cinematic Announce
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita - Six new fighters...
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita: Episode I
Dragon`s Dogma Mystic Knight - Sky Dance
Dragon`s Dogma Magick Archer - Threefold Bolt
Dragon`s Dogma Assassin - Powder Charge
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The Three Biggest Trends in Mobile Gaming Of 2011 The Three Biggest Trends in Mobile Gaming Of 2011 May 23, 2011 15:36 | Author: Guest Expert: Jamie Hall, CTO/Co-founder of MocoSpace
2011 is set to see an explosion of growth in mobile gaming, and we’re excited to have a front-row seat as the fireworks begin. Jamie Hall gives us an insider look at what will be big in mobile gaming for the rest of this year.
Guns N Glory Review (Nokia) Guns N Glory Review (Nokia) Jul 09, 2010 | Author: Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)
It’s like tower defense except your towers move and it’s the wild west.
Nokia, Ovi and N-Gage from a Gaming Perspective Nokia, Ovi and N-Gage from a Gaming Perspective Jun 8, 2010 05:40 | Author: Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)
Can Nokia score in the mobile-based gaming arena with its one-two punch?
Tower Bloxx New York Review (Nokia N97) Tower Bloxx New York Review (Nokia N97) May 30, 2010 | Author: Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)
Does the game stack up against its console version?
Anno Create a New World Review (Mobile) Anno Create a New World Review (Mobile) Feb 13, 2010 | Author: Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido)
HandyGames takes the Anno license mobile and explores new territory
Playphones Expands Games Lineup on Mobile Social Gaming Platform
Jan 25, 2012 12:24 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

PlayPhone has announced that it has ramped up the games offerings for its state-of-the-art social gaming network, PlayPhone Social Gaming Network (SGN), for mobile devices ... [more]
Snapdragon GameCommand Application and GamePack Coming Early 2012 for Android
Nov 17, 2011 16:53 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Qualcomm Incorporated announced today the expansion of its 100+ games Snapdragon GamePack and launch of a new showcase application — Snapdragon GameCommand — further bolstering the ... [more]
LG and Gameloft Kick Off N.O.V.A. 3D Tournament
Sep 13, 2011 12:31 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

LG Mobile today announced the continuation of its integrated 3D marketing campaign, "Bring Your World Alive," to promote the launch of LG Thrill 4G available ... [more]
Minecraft Pocket Edition Digs into Xperia Play
Aug 16, 2011 13:27 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

The first version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition is ready for Xperia Play owning gamers (all 30 of you). The game will be exclusive to ... [more]
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Now Out on Xperia Play
Jul 25, 2011 16:54 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments: 0

Sony Ericsson is once again teaming up with EA Mobile, a division of Electronic Arts Inc.  and the world’s leading mobile games publisher, to deliver games ... [more]
Tegra 2 Gaming Comes to Sprint with Photon 4G
Jun 10, 2011 18:56 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

The rise of the SuperPhones is upon us. Sprint just announced that their Motorola Photon 4G is ready to roll and features the NVIDIA Tegra ... [more]
PSP Update v6.38 Released, Media Go Update Announced for Xperia and Walkman Support
Apr 12, 2011 05:47 | Rating: 4.5 | Comments: 0

The PSP firmware is getting an update to version 6.38. They state that it’s a stability patch for some features but did not state specifically ... [more]
Gamevil Announced Xperia Play Lineup
Apr 3, 2011 05:36 | Rating: 4.8 | Comments: 0

GAMEVIL has confirmed their first round of games for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. ZENONIA, ZENONIA 2, Baseball Superstars 2011 and Soccer Superstars will all ... [more]
Games Driving Nokia Ovi Store Sales
Jan 13, 2011 08:37 | Rating: 5.0 | Comments: 0

Download trends from Nokia’s Ovi Store show that premium games are booming on Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone family – including the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 ... [more]
Verizon Now Gives Gamers Option to Own Favorite Titles
Oct 15, 2010 07:56 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Verizon, the provider of the worlds largest on-demand PC game subscription service, is now giving players the opportunity to own some of their favorite titles. ... [more]
Tekken Resolute Ready for Mobiles
Aug 18, 2010 21:33 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of interactive content, today launched the ultimate fighting game, TEKKEN RESOLUTE, on mobile, including Java, BREW, Windows Mobile ... [more]
Xbox LIVE Titles Head to Windows Mobile 7 Phones
Aug 17, 2010 01:39 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Today at gamescom 2010, the world’s largest consumer-oriented games showcase, Microsoft Corp. premiered the first wave of Xbox LIVE games launching on Windows Phone 7 ... [more]
Lumines: In the House Ibiza 10 Soundtrack Listing
Jul 27, 2010 04:00 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Lumines: In The House Ibiza ’10 will have a soundtrack that includes major dance artists from Defected Records, the world’s biggest independent dance music label. ... [more]
DeNA to Offer Namco Bandai Titles on Mobage-Town
Jul 17, 2010 03:06 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

DeNA, the Japanese mobile gaming giant, announced a tie-up with Namco Bandai Games Inc, bringing some hit game titles to a joint mobile venture. Aimed ... [more]
Play PalmOS Games on your PC
May 25, 2010 15:36 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Handcase, the Brazilian developer of games and software for Palm, released Hand-e, a software that emulates the PalmOS for games on the PC. Several freeware ... [more]
Flight Control Spreading to Mobile Devices
Feb 18, 2010 13:50 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Namco Networks announced a partnership with Firemint to bring Flight Control to mobile. Currently only available on iPhone/iPod touch devices, and launching February 19 on ... [more]
EA Has Worms
Feb 18, 2010 06:04 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

EA Mobile announced it has signed an agreement with THQ Wireless, a division of THQ Inc.  and independent software studio Team17 Software, which grants EA ... [more]
XBLA Headed to Windows Phone 7
Feb 15, 2010 10:26 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Microsoft continues to consolidate their multiple platforms into one cohesive gaming experience. First they tied in Windows LIVE and now. Xbox LIVE will be available ... [more]
FIFA 10 World Cup April
Jan 27, 2010 10:11 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

Electronic Arts will celebrate the single largest sporting event on the planet with the only official and exclusively licensed videogame for the 2010 FIFA World ... [more]
The Saboteur Goes Mobile
Jan 21, 2010 09:29 | Rating: 0.0 | Comments: 0

The highly-anticipated open-world sandbox game, The Saboteur, which also launched on consoles and PC from Electronic Arts, is now available for download on all major ... [more]
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