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  Star Trek Online
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Ferengi Lock Boxes Available in Star Trek Online

That wily old Quark is at it again, now he’s selling lock boxes full of who knows what. Actually, we know what.Ferengi lock boxes in star trek online

Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) is proud to announce the release of the Ferengi Lock Box. Every box contains something extremely valuable.

Start collecting Ferengi Lock Boxes today.

Starting Today, Ferengi Lock Boxes will drop in-game in addition to your standard loot drops.

Open a Ferengi Lock Box to receive items ranging from a rare Ferengi ship to Lobi Crystals. The Ferengi Lock Box will contain one of the following tradable items*:

  • Ferengi D’Kora Marauder Class Starship. Read this Dev Blog to read more details on this ship!
  • Cross-Faction Starship Console. Federation players will receive the Vent Theta Radiation Console (normally only available with the Scourge Destroyer) and Klingon Empire players will receive the Photonic Displacement Console(normally only available with the Rhode Island Refit).
  • Ferengi Gambling Device that modifies probability for the user, giving the player a chance to gain a 10 percent boost to critical hit and critical severity as well as additional avoidance when used during away team missions. Potential users of this device should be aware that there’s always a chance you will not win!
  • Ferengi Duty Officer Pack with 3 random Ferengi Duty Officers. These Ferengi have access to Traits and Specializations not previously available to their Species and are guaranteed to be Uncommon (green) quality or better. Opening this pack also grants you the opportunity to win one or more of four Ultra-Rare, Unique duty officers not available anywhere else!
  • Large Commendation XP Boost which grants a 20 percent bonus to Commendation XP for up to 10,000 CXP before it is fully consumed.
  • Commendation XP Boost which grants a 20 percent bonus to Commendation XP for up to 2,000 CXP before it is fully consumed.
  • Skill Point Boost which grants a 20 percent bonus to Skill Points for up to 1,000 SP before it is fully consumed.
  • Consumable Fighter Pets. Federation players will receive Peregrine Fighter Combat Pets, and Klingon Empire players will receive To’Duj Fighter Combat Pets. Each consumable will launch 3 fighters per charge that persist for up to 10 minutes (unless they are destroyed before that), and will come with 10 charges.
  • Consumable Combat Pet. Federation players will receive a Combat Dilithium Horta and Klingon Empire players will receive a Combat Mugato Pet. Each of these consumable items will summon combat-ready pets for up to 60 seconds (unless they are killed before that), and will come with 10 charges.
  • Holographic Combat Drone Pet modeled after the drones seen in use at Facility 4028. Each of these consumable items will summon a combat-ready pet for up to 60 seconds (unless they are killed before that), and will come with 10 charges.
  • Holonovel Code Fragment. Using this item will prompt the player to start a new Duty Officer Assignment. The assignment will randomly reward one of 19 possible photonic duty officers themed to the assignment. All of these duty officers are Uncommon (green) or better quality.
  • Random Rare or Very Rare Space Deflector or Ground Armor. The item awarded is at the appropriate level for the character that opens the box.
  • Stack of double bonus consumables that improve two stats in combat, instead of just one. For example, a Shield and Auxiliary Battery. There are eight different consumables (four space and four ground) available.
  • Lobi Crystals* that will be accepted as currency at a vendor that sells new specialty items. (You will always get at least one Lobi Crystal in addition to any other prizes you get with every Ferengi Lock Box you open.)

To increase the already amazing value of the Ferengi Lock Box, the Lobi Crystal Consortium (still a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) will be opening an outpost on Drozana Station to accept Lobi Crystals in exchange for new, unique items not available anywhere else. This fully-stocked retail outlet will feature both functional and cosmetic items. Our first shipment of inventory includes items ranging from a Ferengi Shuttle Pod to non-combat pets, but we will be working with our suppliers to get regular updates of merchandise you won’t want to miss!

Items currently available at the Lobi Crystal Consortium:

  • Ferengi Shuttle Pod. Read this Dev Blog to read more details on this shuttle!
  • Ferengi Themed Space Set Items. This three-piece set contains two new weapons and a new universal console, allowing the new set to be used with any existing set without losing any bonuses. Each item is purchased individually and can be equipped simultaneously to grant additional commerce-themed bonuses.
  • Photonic Tactical Bridge Officer. The Federation version of this bridge officer uses a variant of the Photonic Guard uniform in Facility 4028, while the Klingon Empire version is a female officer with an equivalent uniform. Each Bridge Officer has a special Trait that passively summons a Photonic Combat Drone to aid them in ground combat.
  • Ferengi Jackets. These stylish off-duty costume pieces have standard and extravagant styles for male and female Starfleet characters. And because Ferengi designers know that females should show a little skin, there are open-jacket variants available for female characters.
  • Themed Skirts. Federation and Klingon Empire female characters will look exceptionally classy in these new skirts. The skirts are Ferengi-styled for Federation female officers and Klingon-themed for KDF female officers.
  • Jewelry. Both Federation and Klingon female characters will be able to class up their appearance with several new jewelry options.
  • Jackal Mastiff Puppies. There are several color variants of this adorable non-combat pet. Collect them all or trade with friends to get the whole set!
  • Holographic Drone Companion. A non-combat holographic drone companion modeled after those seen in Facility 4028. Unlike the combat version of this pet, the non-combat version is not consumed on use.
  • Peregrine/To’Duj Fighter Pet. A faction-appropriate non-combat fighter pet. Unlike the combat version of this pet, the non-combat version is not consumed on use.

Head over to the official STO news page for more information. But remember, dealing with Ferengi in Star Trek is akin to dealing with a dragon in Shadowrun...and they say, never make a deal with a dragon.

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