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  Bounty Bay Online
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Bounty Bay Online - Poseidonís Legacy Update Brings New Instances, Guild System Overhaul

Haul anchor and set course for a content update – there’s a new vessel in Frogster’s fleet today! Titled “Poseidon’s Legacy”, it is the latest instalment of the Bounty Bay Online saga, offering salty sea dogs even more thrilling maritime adventures with challenging adversaries.

Five years ago, Bounty Bay Online set sail for the first time. Since then, the game has amassed a loyal community on the virtual oceans of Maryread, Calypso and the other servers. After sufficient celebration to commemorate the fifth anniversary, Frogster is ready to roll out the long awaited new update, which promises lots of exciting changes for all the brave buccaneers on the high seas.

Brand-new instances, such as the legendary Temple of Poseidon, a completely overhauled guild system and a heap of new features for novice seafarers, such as Newbie Rewards and the Newbie Chat, are just a few of the surprises packed into this update, which has just washed ashore today.

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