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PaizoCon Special Guest List Announced

Have you started planning ytheir PaizoCon schedule yet? Better hit the pause button, because you’re going to want to set aside some time to meet their special guests!PaizoCon is coming to Redmond, WA in July.

It’s been ten years since Paizo Publishing was started, and five years since we started publishing their own line of gaming materials, starting with the first part of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, "Burnt Offerings!" Since that momentous and nerve-wracking release, they’ve written tomes of material, both for you own campaign setting through their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line of books, or for their world of Golarion! But there was a time when we hardly knew anything about Golarion, and we had a small handful of authors and artists creating the world as we went. For their tenth anniversary, they’ve been promising to pull out all the stops—and now we’re giving you a big spoiler to what awaits you at PaizoCon!

For the first time, you’ll be able to meet all of the adventure authors from the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, along with famed and favored artist Wayne Reynolds, in one place! That’s right, get ytheir Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Hardcover ready for some signatures, because the chances of the stars re-aligning for this opportunity again are less than rolling 18/00 Strength for ytheir 2nd Edition fighter!

For those of you just joining us, I’ll give you a rundown on who you’re going to see!

  • Wayne Reynolds: Artist extraordinaire, Wayne helped define the look and feel of all of their iconic characters, setting the gold standard for all of their art to follow. As part of their celebration this year, they’ve combined forces with Wayne to release his first hardcover art book, Visions of WAR!
  • James Jacobs: Paizo’s creative director, James is responsible for much of the world of Golarion, but his adventure, "Burnt Offerings" launched the Pathfinder Adventure Path line. If you love pyromanianc goblins singing disturbing war chants, the town of Sandpoint, or Varisia, James is the man responsible for it!
  • Richard Pett: We call Rich a madman, but we mean it in such a loving way! "The Skinsaw Murders" brought adventurers into the city of Magnimar, a place finally getting its due later this year with City of Monuments! Dealing with obsession gone terribly wrong, the hungry dead, hints at a much greater plot awakening in Varisia, and an infamous battle, this adventure also introduced the haunt mechanic, something they’ve used quite a bit in many of their modules, adventure paths, and Pathfinder Society Scenarios!
  • Nicolas Logue: Giving ogres a whole new twisted life, "The Hook Mountain Massacre" plunges deep into the wilderness of Varisia when Fort Rannick suddenly goes quiet. Plans within plans are coming to fruition, and the terrifying rumors of giants massing for war is only the start. Logue first penned many memorable Dungeon adventures, including "Chimes at Midnight", and "Quoth the Raven", and added his own touches to the dark adventure "Carnival of Tears"!
  • Wolfgang Baur: Well known as the head kobold of Open Design and the guy that nurtured the idea of patron-funded roleplaying game projects, Wolfgang Baur has long contributed to Pathfinder, but in "Fortress of the Stone Giants", you’ll get an adventure that hearkens back to original Dungeons & Dragons adventures—not to mention getting an up-close and personal look at what the enemy is bringing to bear not just against the party—but all of Varisia!
  • Stephen S. Greer: The cards have been laid out in the previous ftheir adventures, and in "Sins of the Saviors", the party has to embrace the very magic that has wrought the return of a long-dead wizard and ruler of ancient Thassilon. These ancient secrets will either destroy or save ytheir heroes, and back in Sandpoint lies the answer. Stephen, long an author of Dungeon magazine adventures, was one of the authors of the three-part "The Seeds of Sehan" series, which debuted in Dungeon #145.
  • Greg A. Vaughan: Even five years after we started the Adventure Path series, Greg continues to write Pathfinder adventures for us and for third-party publishers, and his magnum opus, The Slumbering Tsar, is finally available for release! Well before that though, he wrote the final chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, "Spires of Xin-Shalast"! Taking the fight to their nemesis directly, the PCs will go to the ruins of ancient Thassilon and will have to wind their way through mountain passes and dodge the mighty blows of some of Thassilon’s towering guardians! Wealth beyond imagining is for the taking, but the party will have to survive utter ruination before they can claim it—and save Varisia while they’re at it!

In addition to their special guests, the entire Paizo Staff will be in attendance, along with many of their third-party publishers! Grab ytheir dice, get ytheir badge, and get ready to game—PaizoCon is coming to town!

July 6-8 2012

Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel
7401 164th Avenue NE
Redmond, Washington 98052

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