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Explore Neo City, the Newest Zone in Drift City

Leading online game publisher peeled rubber towards a new zone in their fast-paced racing MMORPG hybrid, Drift City.  New cities mean new quests, the next Drift Citydriverís dome, alongside Easter events all wrapped up in a pretty bow!  Racers can register for their own license at, where the driving action is revving up to a whole new level.

Thatís right, Drift City going back to the future!  Enter Neo Oros, the first zone of Neo City, for a peek at the future where a war torn society obsessed with racing has developed into a culture all its own.  Your mission is to rescue the war survivors while repelling armed enemies, using suave driving and shooting skills.  Party with up to four fellow drivers to take on the most challenging storyline yet.

No city would be complete without a driverís dome, and Neo Oros is no exception.  Take charge of your destiny with three full chapters of quests, including 15 missions and 2 challenge operations.  Explore a variety of mission types including escort, collection, and investigation.  New action slots are waiting to be filled with the bounty you collect: two dozen new weapons, armor, and new NEO-only items are yours for the taking, to fight off a variety of new and familiar enemies.

Neo City also brings with it a new wave of cars and parts.  Get behind the wheel of an Eco or Wave and see the difference future technology makes - or upgrade a current car with level 90 ultra parts for speed, acceleration, durability, or boosting.  For that special touch of class, new aero wings are also available: Sports, Rush, Fly, and of course, NEO.

Donít forget in all this excitement to bounce over to the Easter Bunny events being held now. Deliver important Easter items to collect recipes, eggs, and paints, then craft Egg Baskets to give to your fellow drivers containing Bunny coins, upgrade items, and more.  Grab 99 Easter Bunny coins to exchange for an eggstravagant gift box, containing high level parts to trick out the fastest car yet! 

Drift City is a unique driving game that is part role-playing game and part racing game.  It offers both mission modes and multi-player racing modes incorporated with cell-shaded style graphics for a unique racing experience.  Players can choose their vehicles, modify and customize the design, and upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

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