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  World of Tanks
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Updated Soviet Tank Tree for World of Tanks in the Works

The World of Tanks folks posted a pretty massive image on Twitter earlier today and it looks like the current model of the full Soviet Tanks tree. Around 90 units in all and across all the categories of self-propelled guns, tank destroyers and premium and special tanks and self-propelled guns.

The tree represents changes they are planning to help re-balance the game and make the Soviet tanks playable again.

In the medium tank line you will be able to research the T-62, T-72 and T-90 tanks which will be added after the tier IX T-54.

In the first heavy tank line (IS-7 line) you will be able to obtain the Object 277, Object 279 and Object 195.

In the second heavy tank line (IS-4 line) you will be able to obtain the Object 430, T-64 and the Hammer.

In the TD line you will be able to get the Taran tank destroyer.

We will also add two SPG lines after the tier VIII SPG. The first line will consist of the Pion and the Kondensator while the second line will allow you to research the Akatsiya and Koalitsiya.

We hope that you, our community, will be happy to see these changes bringing balance to all the tech trees. We hope to implement these balancing changes before the French tech tree extension.

new soviet tank tree

What prompted all this? Well, the Ratte was introduced and skewed things a bit. Whatís the Ratte you ask? Have you not been playing World of Tanks lately? Fine, here is the Ratte:

 The mighty Ratte will be joining the fun with the rest of the heavily armored crowd.

The super tank is simply too big and powerful for ordinary random battles. Producer Sergei Burkatovky reveals the Ratte’s tactical and technical characteristics.

Mr Burkatovsky has also spoken about the new game mode, which is being supertested now. Learn more about the tank bowling extravaganza and Ratte in the lattest Wargaming TV News Block above.

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