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Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset Race to 510

The Gamers Daily News

Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset

Race to 510 Facebook Likes

The universe, whether we like it or not, is a popularity contest. You want people to like you, we need people to like us. What more can be said? How about, we’re willing to bribe you, to get people to like us on Facebook? We’re willing to bribe you with one of the coolest, priciest PC gaming headsets we could find, a Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset. How’s that for bribery? So if this is a Facebook contest why are you reading it about GDN? Well, that’s because it’s a popularity contest and we need as many people as we can to get involved. With only a couple hundred fans on Facebook, we had to put the call out, continent wide! (This is a North America only contest, sorry. But don’t worry, we’ve got something black and green lined up for Europe soon).

What hangs in the balance? How about one killer audio experience, just in time for Christmas!?

The Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset  improves your positional awareness and your reaction time for improved game play. There is no DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to alter the sound, and no latency. They put you into the sweet spot. Wake up & play better

 How to Enter:

Head to the GDN Facebook page, click LIKE, drop a comment on the GDN Psyko 5.1 tab.

Get your friends to do the same (you can share the event or a link to this page as well). For every one of them that does, you get a bonus entry in the drawing.

Plus, they get an entry in the drawing.

Plus, drop in on the Pysko Audio Facebook page and like them too. After all, it’s their product we’re giving away. Heck, we’ll even give you another bonus entry if we can find you in their "People like this" list on the day of the drawing.

This is a quantum leap in headphone technology. The Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset System creates 3D sound in exactly the same way a room system does – with 5 speakers plus the subwoofer positioned accurately around you. You hear precisely where every sound originates, the way you are supposed to. You get naturally immersive sound with no hassles, no latency, and no limits to where and when you want to play.


Ahh, the tricky part of the equation. The winner will be randomly chosen from all valid entries, the day we top 510 "People who like this" at GDN.

Contest Start: 271 people

That means we need 239 more people. If each one of you get one friend to Like us, that’s a done deal!

Don’t forget, when they drop your name on the GDN Psyko 5.1 tab at Facebook, you get a second entry, if you like Psyko’s facebook page, you have a third.

 Standard GDN Contest rules apply. Must be a resident of North America. Not valid where law prohibits it.

The key features of the Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset System

The Optimal Surround Sound Experience

  • Patent Pending Psyko WaveGuide Technology for precision directional audio

  • You are always in the audio “Sweet Spot” for enhanced realism

Zero Latency and Instant Positional Awareness

  • Hear directional sounds instantly and more accurately

  • Improves game performance through faster reaction times and higher kill ratios


  • Patent Pending ear cup vents pivot open and closed, allowing for open air flow to keep your ears cool and comfortable for those marathon game sessions. Open them to talk to others in the room, close them to block outside sounds.

  • Fabric cushioning for extended play comfort

Simple and Accurate Setup

  • Just plug the Psyko 5.1 Amp into your 5.1 sound card, adjust your Control Panel settings to 5.1 and play

  • All speakers are automatically in the right place

Custom Sound Control

  • Adjust volume and bass levels on the Psyko 5.1 PC Amp

 Last updated on Nov 8, 2010 17:52. Page viewed 782 times.
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