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GDN G8 eSports Hoodie Giveaway


The winner was Rory K. via Facebook


Summer is ending, school is starting, and the weather is starting to cool off. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be HOT.

This G8 eSports Hoodie with Hot Hand Technology is perfect for...well, just about everything as well as for gaming.


See, we knew you’d want one of these. So we’ve hooked up with G8 to Crash the System and get you into one of these killer hoodies. Now watch as your friends freeze while they wait for the bus, shop with their moms or sit in the freezing cold that some LAN centers can be while you’re still hot.

Each hoodie comes with a pack of Little Hotties Hand Warmers to keep your fingers ready for game play in cold LAN centers, stores, busses, subways, cars, trains, planes, couches or anywhere else you might be while playing your favorite video game.

Designed to meet the needs of LAN-party gamers, this hoodie features Hot Hands technology , three-way options for wrist/hand wear, and grommets for hiding iPod or MP3 headphone wires.

Special pockets to place Little Hotties hand-warming heat packs will help gamers stay warm in freezing LAN center conditions.

Choose the fingerless gloves option, the thumb glove option, or to fold up the glove and tuck in for traditional hoodie wear.

Grommets enable wearers to thread their iPod or MP3 headset wires through the hoodie.

Each G8 brand eSports Hoodie comes with a free pair of Little Hotties hand warmers.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win:

  1. Be in the US or Canada (sorry rest of the world, we’ll catch you on the next one)
  2. LIKE GDN and G8 on Facebook (GDN - G8Brand) or Follow both on Twitter (@GamersDailyNews and @G8Brand) - Have to follow/Like both on one or the other, we’ll be checking. Can do both if you’re uber-cool (still only one entry for the contest)
  3. Spread the word!
    • On Twitter send this Tweet:
    • Follow/RT both @GamersDailyNews & @G8Brand for chance to win eSports Hoodie w/ Hot Hands perfect for gaming & gamer life
    • On Facebook: Head to the Gamers Daily News Page and drop a comment on the contest launch status update telling us why we should send it to you.
  4. That’s it! Sit back and wait to win...or go and check out all the other cool gear and clothing at G8 Brand’s shop.
  5. When you win and get the hoodie, drop an image somewhere so we can see how cool it is!

 GDN Standard Contest Rules apply.

 Last updated on Sep 2, 2010 10:53. Page viewed 979 times.
1. No cursing or swear words: Use proper language to express yourself.
2. No flooding or spamming the comment system, abuse will result in a ban.

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