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GDN Stocking Stuffer Guide (Sub $25)

See the 2010 Holiday gift guides!


We know it’s difficult to find gift ideas and so we have been compiling information on a wide range of products to help you out. We’ll break it down by platform since gift shoppers generally don’t know tons about what types of games we play. Rarely do you know an exact game that your friend or family member plays or might get an actual wish list, but we have included some game specific items as well.

Microsoft XBox 360 Xbox 360 logo

Xbox LIVE Cards

In order to fully enjoy all the benefits of the online Xbox 360 experience you need a Gold account. Of course in true Microsoft form, you have to pay for this. This allows you to play with all your friends get exclusive content and more.

Of course on top of that you need to have Microsoft Points to purchase items and new downloadable games and content. Microsoft Points are the coin of the Xbox Live Marketplace realm. Microsoft Points is a universal system that works across international borders, and is even available if you don’t have a credit card. Here’s how they work.

You can buy both XBox LIVE Gold Membership cards and Microsoft Points Cards at Amazon for a discount generally.

Also Available on the Microsoft Store:

Xbox Gaming Gear

Evolve360 *Chrome Blue* Evolve360 *Chrome Blue*
Thanks to the Talismoon Evolve 360 controller faceplate range, you can now take the customization of Microsoft’s next generation gaming machine to a new level! The Evolve 360 controller faceplate features everything you need for some serious fine tuning of your controller in one complete package.
360 Deluxe Chrome Faceplate 360 Deluxe Chrome Faceplate
A limited edition DELUXE CHROME color of Xbox 360 faceplate by XCM. Includes the eject button and the DVD bezel.
Price: $19.99
Evolve360 Controller Faceplate *Cow fur* Evolve360 Controller Faceplate *Cow fur*
With Talismoon range of Evolve ‘Wild Jungle’ edition for the PSP and Xbox 360, gamers are treated to extreme levels of comfort thanks to a soft ‘like fur’ finish, as well as refreshing and unique new look. Price: $15.99
XCM 360 Hard Drive shell ( Chrome ) XCM 360 Hard Drive shell ( Chrome )
Give your gamer pal some bling with this cool Chrome console customizatio hard drive shell for Xbox 360. Price: $19.99

Wii logo

Nintendo Wii & DS

Nintendo Points Cards

While you don’t have to pay to connect and play online with friends on the Nintendo Wii, you do need Nintendo points in order to download new games from WiiWare (brand new games that are smaller and cheaper by nature), Virtual Console (games from old Nintendo, SEGA and Commodore systems), and DSiWare (new downloadable games for the DS and DSi).

Nintendo Gaming Gear

Below are some of the POWER A products now available at major retailers:

  • Wii Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster (MSRP: $19.99): Available here at - Give your gamer some real firepower with this Clone Trooper (from Star Wars Clone Wars) Blaster. Pew Pew sounds not included and you might need a big stocking.
  •  Wii Comfort Racing Wheel (MSRP: $14.99): Available here at - Seen your favorite gamer struggling to race with their Nintendo Wii due to the controller shape? Well you can help them out this Christmas by giving them a better grip on the situation.
  • Wii Ultra Sensor Bar (MSRP: 19.99): Available here at - Mom always told us not to sit so close to the TV. Well that goes doubly when gaming on a big LCD. This bar will give them more distance so they can flail about without worrying about putting a hole in the TV with a wayward sword strike.
  • Nintendo DSi Guard Case (MSRP: $14.99): Available here at - Is your gamer prone to accidents? Then this Guard Case is perfect (multiple colors including Pink, Teal Black). WIth this case they can still play but worry less about any damage they might do it their favorite portable gaming system takes a tumble.
  • Nintendo DS Lite Lego Indiana Jones Armor Case (MSRP: $16.99): Available here Toys ‘R Us - These themed cases are a must have for super fans young and old. Let them show off just how much of a geek they can truly be with either this LEGO Indiana Jones or Star Wars Armor Case (below)
  • Nintendo DS Lite Star Wars Armor Case (MSRP: $16.99): Available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us here

Sony Playstation 3, PSP & PSPGoPlaystation 3 logo

The Playstation Network also has a pay-for-download plan in place but they use regular cash instead of points. That means you can get gift cards for your favorite Playstation 3 or PSP owner. They come in only a few denominations.

Another great gift is a way to expand the capabilities of the Playstation 3. The Media Hub. This not only gives more USB ports (for controllers, and other gear) but also brings memory card reading capabilities as well - PS3 Media Hub + About $20

If that PS3 gamer on our shopping list is seriously hardcore then they might simply wear through their controller over time. If that’s the case then you might give them some protection with the Controller armor. Plus it’ll help with their game by giving them a better grip. Playstation 3 Hardwear Controller Armor About $20

PC Gaming

Game Cards

  • Outspark Cash Card - If you know your favorite gamer likes online games and MMORPGs (massive multiplayer games like World of Warcraft) then you might be able to get them one of these cards ($5 - $100) which will help them buy necessary and extra equipment to succeed in their online game worlds.
  • NCsoft 30-Day Game Time Card - Good for any game in the NCSoft arsenal including Aion, City of Heroes, City of Villians, Lineage or Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne
  • Ultimate Game Card - $10.00Can be used in the following games - Runescape, Maple Story, Gunbound, Silkroad, Conquer Online, EVE Online, War Rock and about a 1000 others.
  • 30 Day Game Time Card Game Card (Everquest II, Planetside, Everquest Game Card) - If applied to an Sony Online Entertainment Station Access account, game time will be pro-rated accordingly., Use for any one of these Sony Online Entertainment developed or published games: EverQuest, EverQuest II, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Vanguard, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies and more.

Gaming Gear

  • SteelSeries QcK Mousepads for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Aion players – Mousing surfaces are easy stocking stuffers for gamers. A mousepad seems simple enough, right? Well, when it comes to choosing the right one for quality, warranty and the perfect amount of friction and glide, SteelSeries makes a gamers decision simple. The Limited Edition QcK Mousepads are only $14.99 with featured graphics from within the games including: World of Warcraft’s  Lich King and Frost Wyrm, StarCraft II’s Terrain Marine and Kerrigan vs. Zeratul, and Aion’s Asmodian.



If you really absolutely have no clue whatsoever:

  • Target Gift Card - A good selection of games and hardware with reasonable prices and frequenst deals
  • Amazon Gift Cards- If you can’t find it on Amazon it doesn’t exist, or Amazon just doesn’t carry it. But they have so many things a gamer might like that it’s hard to miss with this
  • GameStop - There’s most likely one near you (in the US and Canada) so you should be able to pop in and get a quick gift card.


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