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R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War: The Warrior
World of Warplanes Developer Diaries. Part 1
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Gamers Daily News Media International is currently accepting new advertising partners. Advertising, marketing packages and campaigns can be tailor-made to suit your company’s needs or the needs of your clients. Our audience is mostly comprised of male adults who earn between $30,000 and $100,000 per year. About 50% have children and 50% have attended some form of college. We welcome around 150,000 unique visitors to our site every month and they read over 220,000 pages each month.

Your advertisements would be viewed in specific locations and areas of the site chosen by you and can include banner, skyscraper, video/unicast, flash, floating and contextual ads. GDN Media International is also willing to discuss site skinning and takeover for short term campaigns (1-2 weeks). Ads can be targeted to specific areas of Gamers Daily News including:

  • Platform Specific areas – PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS and Mobile

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Advertisement type:

  • Most IAB standard sized banners including 428x60, 728x90, 160x600, 125x125 and 250x300
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  • Rating: 49,500

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Prices subject to change at our discretion based on monthly traffic.

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Gamers Daily News Media International is now accepting sponsors for the Q1-Q2 2011. Sponsorship packages are catered to the needs of our individual partners as well as the needs of the company. We are more than happy to discuss available opportunities and have contacted you and your company as we have determined that our target demographic and yours coincide to a high degree.

Sponsorship areas at and include:

  • Platform Specific areas – PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS and Mobile
  • News and News Archives
  • Feature Articles
  • Home Page Special placement
  • GDN TV – Game videos and trailers

Sponsorship packages include combinations of the following:

  • Header Logo and product images – Pre-fold placement of sponsor logos and/or product images on all sponsored pages.

  • Featured Highlights – Products and sponsors can enjoy placement and coverage (reviews, scoring and opinions are provided by independent contractors and are not controlled or censored by GDN Media International)

  • Advertisement placement – Advertisements may be placed within news and featured articles for sponsors.

  • Editorial Coverage – Sponsors and products may be mentioned within articles and news where and when appropriate.

  • Sponsored Editorials - Editorial articles can be featured on a case-by-case basis with clear demarcation that it is a sponsored article. Articles can be informational but cannot suggest that someone buy a product and will not be presented as an objective review or preview. Examples are strategy guides, informational articles on differentiation between the product and similar products, etc.

For pricing and further information contact: sales [at]

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