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Summer Stars 2012

  Summer Stars 2012
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Summer Stars 2012

Summer Stars lets players experience a large variety of events, special challenges and competitions at exciting venues around the world. With more than 18 different disciplines & challenges, Summer Stars 2012 covers a whole range of summer sports. Players can prove their talent in disciplines like Triple Jump, Mountain Biking, Diving or Sprinting and become a top athlete in the career mode.

In multiplayer mode, they can compete directly with up to three friends or family members on split screen – delivering a gripping “just one more go” experience. Summer Stars 2012 also leaves it up to the players to decide how far they will be physically involved in the gameplay: the game supports traditional arcade-style controls style controls as well as motion control via Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation Move or Wii.

Summer Stars 2012
Rating: 0.0, votes: 0
  Summer Stars 2012 Gets Demo Today
Apr 12, 2012 12:21
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Pub: Deep Silver
Dev: 49 Ggames
Genre: Sports
North America 2012-05-29
Europe 2012-06-01
Asia 2012-06-01
Collection: 2 (Add)
Wishlist: 2 (Add)
Views: 360
Cheats: 0
Videos: 0
Images: 0
Files: 0
FAQ's: 0
Articles: 0
User Rating
0 votes
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Ranked #0 out of 11,623 games
#0. Summer Stars 2012 (Kinect)
#1. Call of Duty: World At War (x360)
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