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Off to a Good Start

Posted by Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker), 211 days ago Dec 31, 1969 19:00
Just getting my feet wet so to say, was writing for a smaller site, but glad to be stepping into the world of international hardware and game reviews writing. Been a couple successful posts so far, My first Review, (MOH preview post) was picked up EA pr dept, and a quote might be used in the upcoming trailer, really can't wait to see it.. My first news article on Razer Onza Vs MLG, was read over 10,000 times in less then 48 hours.. Can't wait to bring some more news to the readers of GDN, keep on reading and i'll keep writing good stuff!!
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  #1 Nov 30, 2010 02:56:07 125 days ago


I cant Believe GDN gave MOH a better ratng then COD black ops.. Biggest flop of the year and you guys rate it better then the one of the biggest opening games ever... good review

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