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Peakour Review (iOS)

Posted by , 5 days ago

Peakour is one the latest games released for iOS powered devices from the group Gotta Pea. If you haven’t heard of Gotta Pea you’re in for a real creative treat, for all of their ideals revolvepeaour around the vegetable peas from the characters names, looks, and even their language!

In the game Peakour you will take the time to help the daring character Pea G through some major home and kitchen appliance parkour obstacle courses. To help Pea G you will need to plot out his run by adding in objects for him to use to make it to the target, but along the way don’t for get to grab as many bottle caps as you can. Those bottle caps will be used to unlock the next appliance to run through. Peakour is a puzzling plat forming game where you don’t actually have control of Pea G only the objects he uses. Once you have placed the objects on the play field where you think Pea G will be able to use them to get to the target simply hit the play button to start Pea G’s run.

peakour gameplay

Game Controls

Peakour’s game controls are tap and drag to move the objects around the play field, double tap the screen to zoom in and out of the playfield to get a closer look at what’s happening. The game controls are the biggest problem in peakour, they become a game within the game itself. The tap and drag controls are downright unresponsive. You will find yourself repeatedly tapping the screen to actively gain control of the objects on screen to move them around. This tap and drag problem will eat up most of your play time in the game. Since you are repeatedly tapping on the screen trying to move objects time after time again you will cause the game to zoom in and out has your frustration mounts in a vicious cycle. Make sure you think long and hard to where you want to place an object to prevent this problem from occurring. Hit the play button and see if Pea G will make it to the target or are you going to have to fight the controls again.

 Our Rating for Peakour Review (iOS)
If you weren’t able to collect all of the bottle caps on the first time you had Pea G make a run at it, feel free to go back to the level later on and try again. Once you collect enough bottle caps you can unlock a level creator to create your own levels to challenge your friends on.
Underdeveloped in terms of movement and animations. Peakour would benefit if Gotta Pea continues to work on and update the game.
The sound lacks the desired adrenaline feel that I believe the sport of parkour embodies and should reflect this to make it seem more action packed. The feel of the music puts more emphases on the puzzle portion of the game.
Easy to play. Puzzle aspect of the levels are not too difficult. You’ll have a lot of trial and error moments.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Game center support and achievements, but the addition of a level editor which most iOS games don’t have and the ability to share them with your friends is a well welcomed feature to see in a mobile app game.
Not a lot of games that are like this subject of parkour are out there to play. Peakour is worth a look at on a lite trial. If and when the update comes then that is the time in which, I truly believe the game will be worth owning.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1


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