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Beeing Review (iOS)

Posted by , Yesterday

In the game Beeing you will take control of a bumble bee out to rescue its fellow hive mates that have been kidnapped by spiders. Navigate your way through five bee habitat themed Beeinglevels each with five different stages to complete. Within each of the level’s stages there are three hive mates that need to be rescue. Rescuing them won’t be an easy task their kidnapping spiders have set up web traps, bug zappers, and their flower garden henchmen to stop you. Quickly grab a power up item as they pass by to tip the odds in your favor like a speed boost or a ghost costume that will allow you to pass through objects for a limited time.

Beeing Controls

The control for Beeing is an easy one finger slide, so easy you can play it with one free hand. Simply slide your finger up or down to control your bee’s flight height throughout the level to avoid the obstacles while collecting nectar orbs that will keep your stamina meter up. Beeing is a classic left to right side scroller and the player is at the mercy of the game for flight speed. The designated spot to control your character from is on the right hand of the screen. This would naturally cover up the obstacles, items, and enemies as they come into view. Luckily Beeing can read the player’s finger touches anywhere on screen. There is plenty of room on the left hand side for a finger which in return places the character right next to is so the finger isn’t covering it.

The art of beeing gameplay

Beeing Music and Graphics

The computer generated graphics of Beeing are visually stunning and push the retina display screen to their limits. The characters and backgrounds look like their straight out of a Pixar film; a Bugs Life comes to mind. The movements of the characters and items are smooth and no matter how much action taking place on the screen the Iphone’s processor is are able to handle them without bogging down and slowing the game play.

 Our Rating for Beeing Review (iOS)
If you werenít able to collect all of your hive mates you can easy reselect each stage and make another run at it. In order to unlock the next levels you need to rescue a certain amount of hive mates. You can also replay to better your score.
The graphics are beautiful to look and are extremely detailed. You can tell this isnít your amateur made from someoneís home on spare time type of game.
Great music well composed. The addition of voices in the game for you character are truly worth noting compared to other games. It would have been awesome if they were able to add other music into the game like Flight of the Bumble Bee to go along with the games story and theme.
Easy to play and control, would have be nice if there could be a difficulty selection in the option for fast or slower stage speeds.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Game center support and achievements and other social media web site support nothing thatís true multiplayer action.
Beeing is worth a look or a download if side scrolling games are your thing.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1


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