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South Park: Tenormanís Revenge Review (XBLA) & Season 15 Blu-Ray Giveaway

Posted by , 4 days ago

Item reviewed: South Park: Tenorman`s Revenge on x360

The idea behind South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge is sound; taking the main cast of the popular social commentary/vulgar humor cartoon and using them to make a puzzle platformer makes some sense. The developers made the right call in giving each of the four boys a South park tenorman’s revenge gameplayunique skill (plus a second one in their ’superhero’ personas) and turning them loose on several stages where they have to work together to succeed. And strictly speaking, this is an okay game; it’s simply not a great one. Players take control of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, or Kenny in their fight against Scott Tenorman; a relative of Cartman’s who is out to take over the world and... steal the hard drive from Cartman’s Xbox 360? Yes indeed. Apparently that’s the final straw, and off the kids go to chase down the repository of their saved game files, DLC, and so on. Their pursuit leads them through a series of 2D side-scrolling platform stages, with all the usual tasks that implies as you fight enemies, jump past obstacles, and solve puzzles to proceed. Along with boss fights, your primary objective is to gather ’cores’ that unlock extra stages at various points in time.

The stages are designed with areas that only one of the four kids can reach, ensuring they have to work together in order to get everything. This works fine in multiplayer sessions, as it gives each player their moment to shine and makes the whole idea of a co-op platformer come together.

south park tenorman’s revenge gameplay 2

Unfortunately, this same strength is a near-crippling problem with solo play. You can go alone, but you’ll have to do multiple runs through each stage to pick up all the items you need and it is simply not fun. Tenorman’s Revenge is strictly a game to be enjoyed with others.

If you’re a fan of the show, you probably will find plenty to enjoy in how this is presented. The art mostly resembles its source, and much of the plot is voice acted. Most of the music and sound effects likewise seem as though they would fit into a South Park episode, and it’s fair to say the series’ feel is intact. A lot of the finer points go right over my head due to only occasionally watching the show, but even I saw several segments that drew a “hey, I remember that!” and a quick laugh. This part of the license was definitely put to good use.

 Our Rating for South Park: Tenormanís Revenge Review (XBLA) & Season 15 Blu-Ray Giveaway
Between the timer encouraging speedruns and several stages having secret areas to find, there is some reason to replay levels. Repetitive mechanics may wear out their welcome in fairly short order, though.
While the camera is pretty weak and requires a few too many leaps of faith by the player, everything else is pretty fitting to the South Park art style.
Fitting music and sound effects are joined by voice work mostly provided by the showís cast, which should thrill fans.
Level designs of varying quality make this a chore to play alone, though itís at least decent with friends. Each character having their own unique skills ensures everyone is relevant at one point or another.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Easily the best way to enjoy the game, as most stages are built to work best if multiple characters are cooperating. Online play works more often than not, but it doesnít seem to handle networking problems very gracefully.
While not as good as its competition in this genre, Tenormanís Revenge is at least decent for its price. South Park fans will find a lot to like in the presentation, and those who enjoy co-op platformers should check it out if youíve already finished other games of this type.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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