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NZXT Premium Cables Starter Set Review (Hardware)

Posted by , 4 days ago

Power supply cables have come a long way since in the past few years. They started out as a clump of wires zip-tied together. Then we started seeing cable sleeving on the wire clump. But most recently, we are seeing more and more individually sleeved wires. Most people will agree that individually sleeved wires look incredibly classy, but unless you buy a high dollar PSU or take the hours to sleeve them individually yourself, you don’t have a lot of options. NZXT has come up with a solution for you with their Premium Cables Starter Set, and sent a set to Gamers Daily News to try out.

NZXT premium cables


What’s in the Box

The Premium Cable Starter Set comes with four 250mm extensions for your existing cables. This includes a 24 pin motherboard, (4+4) 8 pin motherboard, 6 pin VGA, and a (6+2) 8 pin VGA cable. Each cable has a male and female connector, so they will work with any existing power supply as a simple extension.

Once you find a machete and spend a half hour cutting your way into the packaging, you will get your cables out. Upon closer inspection of the cables, you will notice the quality cables’ construction is as professional as it comes. The sleeving itself is firm and taut, with just enough slack to give you easy movement but not enough to cause excess sleeve bunching. The heat shrink holding the sleeving to the wire extends into the connectors leaving no portion of the wire visible.

nzxt cables

 Our Rating for NZXT Premium Cables Starter Set Review (Hardware)
The NZXT Premium Cables Starter Kit is a great little upgrade to the look of your PC that won’t break the bank. The kit gives you a classy look and enough slack that you can professionally route those short PSU cables behind the case. You can pick up the starter kit in any color you like, as long as that color is black, but hopefully NZXT will be releasing some more colors soon.

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