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Hands on Preview of Blacklight Retribution

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), 2 days ago
  Blacklight Retribution
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Free2play games are popping up everywhere.  For the most part they are MMO titles, but every now and then you will see a FPS show up.  The problem is that Free2Play FPS games are typically not on the same level as their paid counterparts.  But that is not the case anymore.  Blacklight Retribution is a new Free2Play FPS  that will blow you away.


Everybody knows that gamers compare games to each other.  Some of you may think that this is unfair, but someone is going to say it, so it might as well be me.  If I was to describe Blacklight Retribution to other FPSs, I would say that it looks like Halo and plays like Battlefield; does it get any better than that?

video game blacklight retribution

The game takes place in a futuristic world.  Most of the maps are either dense, dark urban areas that come to life with the neon lights of the night, or sci-fi industrial looking maps that are very clean.  As you traverse the city, you get an appreciation of the beautifully designed levels.  Try to take it all in, but don’t get lost in the landscape or you will be shot.  Blacklight Retribution is fast paced and an enemy can run up on you in a moment’s notice.  If you love playing Battlefield, capturing points, and running up the ticket count, then you will love this game.  With your team mates by your side, you can try to control the points to obtain the victory.

video game blacklight retribution

One of the most innovative features is the video game blacklight retributionHRV.  Instead of a map that shows you movements  of nearby foes, you have a sort of x-ray visor.  When you push the button to activate you HRV, the screen wipes blue.  For the next couple seconds, you can see through every wall.  Your team mates will show up as blue and your enemies will be orange.  By the size of the enemies, you can tell how far away they are.  If you can head them off at the pass, then you may be able to catch them by surprise.

When you are playing and it seems that things are not going your way, the developer has made  the weapons depot to level the playing field once again.  Simply stop at one of these depots and pick up game changing weapon.  Perhaps you want a flamethrower to burn your enemies to a crisp.  My personal favorite is the heavily armored mech suit.


As you play, you earn experience points.  These points can be used to purchase perks and upgrades.  What is awesome about Blacklight Retribution is that it has a level of customization that exceeds what we saw in Brink.  You can spend your points to customize anything and everything.  New weapons can be purchased for your loadouts.  Once you have a weapon you like, change the barrel, the clip, the stock, the sights, and even the color.  The same goes for your character as well.  You can buy all sorts of body armor; from your helmet to your boots. 

Rating: 4.7, votes: 3

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