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Sword Girls Hands On Preview

Posted by Chris Wilson (Synther), Yesterday
  Sword Girls
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By now, I’m sure that anyone that has played a few of the online trading card games knows that there are great many to choose from. Unfortunately, Sword Girls does not really break any new ground for the genre.sword girls manages to remain true to the genre

The game is basically a simplified version of table top classics, such a Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. When you start out, you are granted a starter deck. In this deck, there are three different types of cards, the most important of which is your Character card. The Character card is your avatar in the game. The next type of card is Spell cards. Spell cards will allow you to cast spells. Some Spell cards directly deal damage to opponent cards or drain life from them and give them back to your Character or Follower cards. The last, and most common, type of card is the Follower card. These are your minions for fighting battles.

When you start combat, you are given approximately 30 seconds to shuffle and place which cards you want on the Field from the hand you have been dealt. Cards all have a value in the upper right corner. You cannot exceed a value of 10 on the field, so you may not have every card slot filled on the Field. Sword girls gameplayFor example, you may enter combat with cards valued at five, three and one because these are the cards in your hand for that round and nine is the closest you could get to the total of 10. Once you have placed your cards, or the timer has run out, a coin is flipped to see who starts battle.

At this point, battle progresses automatically and it is unclear if there are any internal rules on whether Spell or Follower cards get to act first or in what manner target cards are chosen. As Spell and Follower cards lose health, they will be destroyed and you can then replace them with other cards in the next phase. Each time a Spell or Follower card takes damage, that damage is also transferred to your Character card. The player whose Character card reaches zero loses the battle.

Rating: 4.0, votes: 2

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