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Elementary My Dear Majesty Preview (Windows PC)

Posted by Jasmine Schmidt (lillithdragon), 3 days ago

You are summoned by the King to help discover who turned his daughter into a monster, why, and how to undo it. The game is simple, in that it generally Elementary My Dear Majestyshows you who to talk to, and when, with very clear “?!” symbols over the characters’ heads. However, finding what they’re looking for, and solving their puzzles is more challenging. There are a wide variety of types of puzzles, and they all have the option of being skipped. This is good because there are just some kinds of puzzles that I’m very bad at. Getting stuck at those places, and not being able to continue can be very frustrating, even in casual mode.

Elementary My Dear Majesty Gameplay

One thing I pleasantly was surprised at in Elementary My Dear Majesty, is the world itself, and how the hidden object portions of the game are worked in. I was expecting the typical first person view, as though I’m standing in the world, and can move around in a limited forward and back, but generally straight way, with the occasional side path. In this set up, the hidden object areas are “glittery” and clickable. When clicked on, the player is given another screen, and a list of objects to find.

Elementary gameplay 1

That’s not the case in Elementary My Dear Majesty. The player is looking at the world, as though it’s a photo or painting, and there are no glittery areas. The character you’re helping gives you a task, and the list of objects appears on the scroll area to the left. You then have to hover over everything you see, looking for the objects you need, which will light up to indicate that they’re click-able. Items are crossed off the list as the player finds them, and collected in the “use” area. Once all of the items are gathered, the player just has to deliver them to the appropriate character to move on to the next task.

Rating: 4.0, votes: 1

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