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Afterfall: Insanity Hands On Preview (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), 63 days ago
  Afterfall: Insanity
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This year has been a big year for Indie Developers. TheyAfterfall Insanity have really stepped up to the plate and shown us what they are capable of creating. No longer are they just small obscure groups making B-List games, but rather their creations are so well crafted that I find it hard to call them “Indie” and subject them to the “second rate” stereotype that many gamers have placed on them unfairly.

Afterfall Insanity Story

Afterfall Insanity by Nicolas Intoxicate is one of those indie games that will be turning some heads. Set in an alternate time line that detracts from reality during WWII, Afterfall explores what might have happened if World War 2 had ended differently. But rather than waste what little space I have in this review with details (especially when you can read them on Afterfall’s website), lets jump to when the game takes place; a post apocalyptic world following the wake of World War 3.

Afterall insanity gameplay

You take the role of Dr. Tokaj (pronounced toe-kai) a psychiatrist in one of the underground nuclear fallout “Shelters” to which the humans have retreated. Even though this psych is supposed to be helping people with their mental illnesses, I quickly becomes apparent that Tokaj is fighting insanity within his own mind, suffering from nightmares, déjà vu delusions, and hallucinations.

Rating: 4.4, votes: 23

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